How much would you trust Microsoft Azure?

If you are working with Microsoft Cloud sometimes, you may have heard about Microsoft Trust Center where Microsoft proves to its customers a trustworthy platform. From the center, Microsoft shows not only compliance achievement but also security privacy and its practices. To Microsoft Azure specifically, the Trust Center isĀ here

Microsoft seems to achieve industrial compliance in every big market it targets to. From the compliance offering list, you can filter your country to see if any.

Microsoft also has several centers for cybercrime and malware protections, for example Microsoft Cybercrime Center, Microsoft Malware Protection Center. There is a dedicated unit called Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) responsible for stopping or interfering with cybercrime and cyber threats. Not too much to explain here, but we all know Microsoft has vastly invested in its cybersecurity to mitigate threats and protect its online services currently being used by hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

If you are asked how secure Microsoft Azure is, make sure to pass over the Microsoft Trust Center link to your customer. However, do acknowledge that such a long list does not say that Microsoft Azure is the most secure platform in the world. Put your head down not to think that everything you are going to deploy on Microsoft Azure is fully protected. This list can help in a few ways. First, it is a selling point to make a decision if security compliance and privacy are raised. Second, this list can be competitive to other cloud service providers such as Amazon AWS, IBM, Google Cloud. The list does not bring a good sleep to you as always, and makes you feel safe without any concern when hosting on Microsoft Azure.

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