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Inconsistent password policy when updating VM password

There are at least two ways to update your virtual machine’s password. One is using Azure Portal and the other one is going through your virtual machine and run PowerShell or Azure CLI to update. The only thing that you … Continue reading

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Azure Firewall Monitoring 101

My last article was to give you an overview of Azure Firewall – a managed firewall service Microsoft recently announced in public preview, and also guidance on how to set it up. There have been some positive feedbacks along with … Continue reading

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Quick look at Azure Firewall

When you’ve heard of cloud firewall, it’d be often referred to a back-end hardware based firewall to protect underlying cloud infrastructure from network attack. Azure Firewall is not an exceptional one. First time getting introduced, you’d think it’s kind of … Continue reading

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Defend your Azure virtual network with Defense In Depth strategy

Network is a heart of every system no matter where it is. If you happen to study OSI model, you would know how imperative it is to your system. Within a web application you write, for instance, before an HTTP … Continue reading

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