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Get Alert Relation from an Incident using Azure Sentinel Incident Relation API

I have a few questions recently asking if we can get an associated alert for an incident. The idea is to know which alert that caused an incident so SecOps team could better investigate the issue. In this article, let’s … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about Azure Security Center Alert Suppression

Different environments may have special configuration that may trigger the alert. And those false positive alerts keep annoying SecOps team. One of the features that SecOps guys working on Azure Security Center wish to have is the ability to automatically … Continue reading

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Transform Azure Sentinel incident to Log Analytics Workspace with Logic App

As a SOC Analyst or Manager who are working on Azure Sentinel you would like to have a view of how productive your team is (response time, resolution..). As being familiar with Log Analytics query, you might wish to do … Continue reading

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