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Quick thought on CVE-2019-0962

Microsoft recently published a security vulnerability coded CVE-2019-0962 indicating possible elevation of privilege when deploying an Azure Automation account. From what the CVE says, an elevation of privilege vulnerability exists in Azure Automation “RunAs account” runbooks for users with contributor role. This … Continue reading

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A little more about hardened Azure VM deployment

One of my Azure security related articles provided step-by-step guidance on how to use Azure Automation with Desired State Configuration (DSC) to deploy security policy on multiple Azure VMs. Instead of clear explanation, the article was just written in a … Continue reading

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Hardened Azure Virtual Machine Deployment

During my time working with the Government Cloud, I recognized that every on-boarding virtual machine after successfully provisioned needed to apply a script called hardening. Digging into this script, I realized that it contained many security configuration policies. When running … Continue reading

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